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Do I need to come to you?

No, we will come to you. We can remap your car at home, work or anywhere you wish. Contact us to arrange a time convenient to you.


What do Super Tuning require from me?

Obviously we need your car! We will test drive it before hand (with you if required) to perform some basic tests so we can ascertain if there are any issues that will affect our work. If your car has any issues that will negate the affects of the work and render it pointless we will tell you straight away and we will not charge you for the tuning, clearly stating why. To complete the work takes about 1 hour from start to finish including the pre and post test drives.


Does it matter if my car is manual/automatic?

We’ve noticed pretty much equal gains between manual and automatic cars when using this process. In both cases, because of the increase in power, you’ll find either the car or you needs to shift gear less often, making for a much smoother drive all round.


How much does a remap cost?

Every car is different. Our prices start at £199.99 but it does vary depending on vehicle make and model. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote to remap your car.


Will my van benefit from remapping?

We’ve noticed that vans seem to get amazing gains from our remapping process – this is for two reasons:

  • Diesel engines (and especially turbo diesels) benefit far more from this process than petrol engines, as they usually have a wide variety of limiters in place, stopping your van from reaching it’s true potential.
  • Remapping increases the torque of the engine, meaning that you’ll have more power when you need it when your van is fully loaded.


What warranty do Super Tuning provide?

We change data held on a component of your car, we are not changing any hardware therefore we have nothing to give a warranty on. However, we will do our best to help anyone who has a problem, including returning the car to standard for testing etc.


Will remapping a car affect the cars warranty?

There is no change needed to any hardware for engine remapping and in the main is both physically and diagnostically undetectable. We do not replace any components we overwrite the ECU (Engine Control Unit) engine map this is essentially software.


Can the remap be reversed?

The main benefit of engine remapping is that we can reverse the information back to standard at any time. We keep every customers original map on hard drive so if you ever decide to return you car to its standard power, say if you pass it on to a less experienced driver we can come out and reprogram your ECU at any time.


How is re-mapping different to chipping?

Engine mapping is the modern version of chipping. When you ‘chip’ a car you put in a chip that has a set of data already burnt onto it, into your ECU. When you remap an ECU, you save off the data currently stored on the chip and overwrite it with the performance data. This then allows you to apply different maps where applicable and also restore the original data should you require it. The benefit obviously of this is that it means you have not changed any standard part of the car and therefore warranty is unaffected.


What is remapping?

Remapping is overwriting original software contained inside a cars ECU (Engine Control Unit) with tuned software. This software is referred to as the engine map because it is this program that controls the engine. Before the advent of serial port remapping the only way to overwrite this software was to replace the chip that contained the software. Now this can all be done by plugging in to the vehicles serial port and overwrite the engine map with the performance version. Remapping is not a gimmick it is a performance conversion that will seriously improve the power & drivability of your engine.


Is there any risk to my car?

Because any work done is localized entirely to the ECU, and is completely software-based, there is only minimal risk to your car. In the unlikely even that something was to happen to your ECU during the process of remapping it, we will replace it.


What’s the likely effect on fuel consumption?

If you are a frugal driver to start with then your economy will improve. If you are going to use the power more often and drive the car faster – your consumption will drop as it would anyway. When we remap an ECU the open loop parameters for fuel are altered to give more performance, so if this extra performance is always used then you will use more fuel. But if normal driving is observed then fuel consumption is unaffected (on motorway driving many customers have actually noticed better fuel economy after remapping).


Will I have to inform my insurers?

That’s up to you! Because an ECU can only store one map at a time, it’s very difficult to tell if a car has been remapped or not: There’s no original map stored on the car to compare against. Not all insurance companies are knowledgeable about the process of remapping yet, and therefore will not add a premium for remapping. You should check your insurance documentation thoroughly before having your car remapped to see if this is the case.


Why don’t the car manufacturers do the remapping in the first place?

This is a very good question, why does a car manufacturer purposely de-tune an engine before they sell it. There are a few reasons for this – one is that the manufacturers have to sell there car all over the world and must de-tune there engines for different fuel grades and atmospheric conditions to prevent engine damage caused by these conditions. They also have to take in to account the average car buyer may not want blistering horsepower from there engine, an elderly woman for example may not be too impressed by a VW Golf TDI wheel spinning in third gear when she takes it for a test drive. So they must compromise between out & out performance and the needs of the average customer.

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